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Villa Laguna

Villa Laguna at Secret Gardens Miami, designed and created by a landscape artist who was inspired by the beauty of South Florida’s natural ecology and rich pastoral scenery, is an enchanting 1.5-acre property, ideal for any type of event.


The “wow” factor of Villa Laguna comes in large part from the natural coral rocks and tropical foliage used to recapture the essence of a forgotten past where a lush green ecosystem thrived and natural lagoons and waterfalls flowed continuously to a soothing rhythm.  Villa Laguna is a tropical adventure and will keep guests busy admiring the foliage, colorful planting, and vibrant fish life.


The property is equipped with a large tiki hut that can fit up to 80 guests, overlooking two breathtaking waterfalls.


This enchanting property is available for rent for all celebrations, including weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, and more. 

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